Zagreb, Croatia, July, 1 - 5 July 2024

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If you have missed the term to submit a paper, i.e. to send an abstract, it can still be submitted (short abstract of maximum two pages and formatted according to the template). However, the Local Programme Organizer and International Scientific Committee will decide upon this submission.

The registration is binding. Registrations of papers will only be considered if they are submitted together with all relevant data and the abstract.


Please, select the desired session for your scientific paper:

Schedule of Topics:

  • Session 1
    • 1-A - State-of-the-art and evolution in the field of infrared scanners and imaging systems allowing quantitative measurements.
    • 1-B - Data acquisition and processing systems associated with infrared scanners and imaging systems.
  • Session 2
    • 2-A - Calibration and characterisation of infrared cameras and related topics like certification, standardisation, validation, emissivity determination, absorption in media, translucent media, spurious radiations, three dimensionality of observed objects.
  • Session 3
    • 3-A - Characterisation of optical and further heat sources for active thermography.
  • Session 4
    • 4-A - Analytical and numerical modeling, data reduction, signal and image processing.
    • 4-B - Artificial intelligence related to infrared thermography.
  • Session 5
    Application of infrared thermography to radiometry, thermometry, and physical parameters identification and quantification, in all fields:
    • 5-A - fluid mechanics,
    • 5-B - solid mechanics, structures and material sciences,
    • 5-C - nondestructive evaluations,
    • 5-D - electromagnetism,
    • 5-E - medicine and biomedical sciences,
    • 5-F - remote sensing, environment monitoring, industrial processes, multiscale, multispectral and other.


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